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Indonesia  has  the  largest economy  in Southeast  Asia  and is  one  of  the  emerging market economies  of  the  world.

Indonesia's estimated gross domestic product (nominal), as of 2012 was US$928.274 billion with estimated nominal per capita GDP was US$3,797, and per capita GDP PPP was US$4,943 (international dollars).

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We invite young professionals who are energetic, creative and able to think "out of the box" to join our company.

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KARYA MAHACIPTA, PT. , is a company that concentrates on the distribution of world class watches throughout Indonesia. As the country with the fourth largest population in the world, Indonesia has become a very potential market for watches business development. Karya Mahacipta see the potential of the Indonesian market as a great opportunity that needs to be developed to the fullest with the support of professionals with strong and integrated management, to become a reliable and trustworthy watches distributor nationwide.

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“We  distribute high quality watches  with  strong characteristic .”



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